Alim is truly one of a kind. As new home buyers, we had a lot of questions. Alim was patient with us and explained everything is great detail. He was very accommodating with our busy schedules. Thank you Alim. You have made the purchase of our first home a remarkable experience.

Ron Hyer and Nicole Checkley

Alim was a calming and helpful voice when it came to setting up the mortgage for our recent home purchase. His attempts to find us the best possible terms and conditions were much appreciated. Eager to help and eager to please, we couldn’t be happier with Alim’s professionalism and customer service.

Evan Chesler

Alim helped my wife and I purchase our first home. We were in a huge rush to get the house/approvals and Alim was very patient and helpful the whole time. He knew exactly what he was doing and we were confident in his recommendations. His service was impeccable, not to mention the amazing rates we obtained. I’ve already recommended him to many others and I will continue to do so. Thanks Alim.

Alykhan Hirjee

Alim was awesome from the start. He told me what needed to be done and how the process would work. I found him to be friendly, honest and efficient. The advice he gave me also helped me to complete the purchase of my house in an efficient manner. I was unable to get the mortgage amount needed through my bank and when I went to Dominion Lending they were able to accommodate me and get me the amount needed to buy a new house. I have already recommended Alim to family and friends and defiantly will go through him again when I plan on moving and buying a newer house in the future

Dipesh Chavda

Alim was fast and efficient. If there was an issue, it was dealt with promptly. No beating around the bush. He even finalized a deal when he was on holiday! That’s got to tell you something.

Omar Sleiman

I have had the opportunity to work closely with Alim Charania during my first Condo Purchase in 2010. His professionalism and commitment to customer service has shown me that having trusted advisors and councillors can really have a positive outcome. Especially working in the same industry, there is no way one person can handle all aspects of your financial needs. Specialists really add value to the service and products they recommend.
My experience with Alim has always been very positive as he has helped me navigate the various options on Mortgage Financing hurdles of my own personal situation, and I am very happy to have referred him my own family and friends when their needs arise.
What impresses me the most about Alim, besides his vast amount of knowledge and experience in his industry, is his commitment to see clients prosper along the way. Alimwill work hard to ensure you have accurate and timely information, which is relevant to your specific needs. His passion for helping you realize your dreams, will allow you to maintain an affordable lifestyle without too many sacrifices.
Alim has proven to me and my family that saving money on rate isn’t everything. You need to assess the specific needs, and make informed decisions. Whether you have a renewal, refinance, or new purchase in mind, Alim will help you navigate the complex options and provide the most competitive rate options.

Ashish Utarid - Financial Advisor

It is refreshing to work with someone who understands timeliness, and dependability when putting together a deal

Khal Umar

We wanted to say thanks again for your assistance in securing our mortgage. Given the opportunity that presented itself, we know we didn’t give you much time to work with. We are very pleased with not only the rate you secured (amazing) but the level of service you showed us. You most certainly have clients for life.

Lori & Glen


My husband and I lived in a condo with one child, we found out we were expecting another child and realized it was time to move. We were NOT ok with having a second child in another random rental property so we made the decision to purchase our first home. Our circumstances weren’t the norm as we had many challenges to work through, such as: lack of credit ratings, maternity leave and because of the previously mentioned issues we now had one income to work with! Despite all these issues, with many ups and downs and failed attempts, Alim stuck by us and was incredibly patient. He also introduced us to our realtor who was just as patient and wonderful as he was. We bought our first home in October 2013! I don’t think that would have been possible if it wasn’t for Alim and all of his hard work. He truly went above and beyond and we are SO grateful for all he’s done for us! We will recommend him to friends and family without hesitation.

Badya & Chad

We were introduced to Alim Charania by my bank manager, of all people, who was unable to have his bank lend us what we needed. In a very urgent situation that needed a quick resolution to a financial problem, Alim responded very professionally and in a very timely fashion. He was able to call upon several private lenders on our behalf and within 72 hours of my introduction we had a lender willing to assist in our situation. We had the proceeds of the loan in one week or so and the situation was resolved. We are grateful to have done business with Alim and his efficient and personable manner made the experience one to remember. Thank you, Alim!

Dr. Steve Overell, P.Geoph.